Thursday, December 1, 2016

At what age should a person marry?

I believe that a good age for someone to marry is in the mid 20's. I believe 23-27 years is a good age to consider getting married. I believe this is good because you are not to young or to old. With a bunch of younger couples that are getting married and because of this there are more divorce rates. If you are older you have a more difficult time finding a partner, then in the mid 20's. When you are in the mid 20's you are finding out what you want to do with your life and becoming more financial stable. With this it is a perfect time to get married and to start a family.

Divorce rates are 40-50%.... Why?

I believe it is because a husband and a wife to not talk. I think communication is the key. It is really important in a relationship to have communication. I also believe another reason is money. When a married couple are going through financial problems there seems to be more stress. Which that leads to arguments, which leads to bad communication. Divorce is happening more then usually. When people are not happy they think they need a divorce when all out the just need to talk to there companion. I also think people get married to quick and need to take there time to make sure that you are making the right choice.

In twenty years what technolgies and changes in society will we see?

I believe we will see a virtual life. I would like to see virtual video games. This is when we could have no controllers and be in the game literally. So with this are society will go down on social activities. We will go one date with people on virtual reality. This will be bad, we will not get out as much and stay more inside. People will not know how to talk to people in the real life and will use the internet more. This will be also really cool because you can play war games and feel like you are actually there. I am excited for this but also do not like what could happen to people.

What makes a women a women?

A women is a female who has women parts. She also can have children if she wants to. Females are mentally strong and take care of the family. They can also work a job if they want. Woman are beautiful and they care about peoples well being. Women teach there children how to be a better person. In the culture women give birth to children and take care of them. Women are passionate and love people for who they are. A woman loves her children and are willing to die for them.

What Makes a Man a Man? Physical? Mental? Culture?

Well first of all to be classified a man you need to have male parts. A man smells like sweat and cologne. He takes care of himself or other people. . A man protects his household and people that need help. He is a protector and a provider for his family. A male does hard labor and is willing to help a women. He can become a father and is to provide for his wife and children. The mental state of a man is weird. Man can think about anything that is weird or strange. They think about what the need to do that day, work, sports, and etc. Mans culture is to provide for his family and to be a protector. He is the head of the household and teaches his children how to survive the real world.

What is Love?

This is a hard topic for me because I have not found my true love. What I believe love is Sacrificing every thing for one person or multiple people. If you are in love you are willing to do anything for that person and sacrificing your self for them. I believe that my parents are a perfect example because even when the have fights or have money struggles. They stick together always no matter what happens. Love can mean a lot of other things and can be towards anything. There is enduing love and temporary love for people or objects. Love is the opposite of hate and anger. I believe everyone loves something in there life. I love my family and my friends. I also love soccer, I would do anything just to be playing soccer with my friends or my brothers.

Biggest fear.

My all time biggest fear is the future. I always find my self thinking about the future. I wonder who I will marry and if I will be a good father. I think about my future family and wonder if I will be able to provide for my family. I fear that I will be a failure to my family and to my friends. This started to happen when I was on my mission in Fort Smith, Arkansas. When this happens I get a headache, I get super stressed, and over think everything. To get ride of this I have to try to calm down and to stop thinking. I do not know why this a big fear of mine. I have always tried to be the best person I can but always worried that my best is not reaching my full potential.